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our beliefs

Ideas.svgGrowth is a science. We believe there’s almost always a right approach, and a wrong approach – and that quantitative and qualitative data are key to working out which is which. That’s why we take a scientific approach to growth, pairing experimentation with data, and creativity with accountability.

Sales, Marketing & Customer Success are pieces of the same puzzle. Siloed growth strategies are expensive, inefficient and broken. We take a full-funnel approach to helping our partners, aligning their sales, marketing and customer success around a single goal: sustained, predictable growth.

It makes sense to use all the tools at our disposal. We aren’t afraid to experiment, and we don’t limit ourselves to particular channels or strategies. We’ll recommend the tools that make sense for you, given your unique needs and our past experience.

Technology and automation are tools, not solutions. Technology can drive growth, but it isn’t a panacea. To get the most from your investments, technology needs to be deployed in a strategic, growth-focused way.

‘Service’ is just as important as ‘Software’. A great product isn’t enough to win, and the most successful SaaS companies are those that make their customers successful. That requires an ‘always be helping’ attitude and continual education of prospects, leads and customers.

If our partners succeed, we succeed. We gauge our own success by the success of our partners. We strive to provide help, advice and insights in any way we can, through our SaaS growth blog and resources.

Want to learn more about our beliefs, team, and the way we work? Check out the Cobloom Insider: our culture, transparency & careers blog.

meet the team

Will Steward

Co-founder & chief executive officer

Will Steward CobloomWill has been building and marketing SaaS solutions since 2005. In 2006, he founded online storage company, File Den. Using a combination of organic growth strategies, Will bootstrapped the company to over 3 million registered users worldwide. No mean feat in a pre-social world.

Witnessing an increasing commoditisation of online storage, Will went on to negotiate the company's sale, and in July 2011, File Den was acquired by CX, Inc.

A start-up person and entrepreneur, Will keeps himself on the cutting edge of all things SaaS. He's a full stack growth expert, possessing design, marketing, product development, web development, sales & customer success experience.

Outside of work, he keeps himself active with a passion for skiing, weightlifting and bouldering.

martin steward

co-founder, chief Finance officer & VP Consulting

Martin Steward CobloomMartin is an experienced business consultant, and learned his trade delivering off the shelf ERP software to the enterprise, including Diageo, Ingersoll-Rand and Rolls-Royce. With a passion for delivering value, and having seen huge business benefits from software led process improvements, co-founding Cobloom with Will was a natural fit.

He understands how healthy, profitable software businesses should be run, and the impact a great consultant can have. At Cobloom, Martin uses this experience to diagnose growth problems. He works closely with prospective partners to help them identify which approaches are the best fit - for both the business, and their customers.

When away from work, Martin is a lover of all things sport. He's a keen tennis player, and an avid Wolverhampton Wanderers fan.

ryan law

co-founder & chief marketing officer

Ryan Law CobloomRyan is Cobloom’s resident growth scientist, combining expertise in marketing, copywriting, psychology and conversion rate optimisation to develop & execute marketing strategies for SaaS businesses.

He is passionate about experimentation and creativity, and spends his time discovering, testing and optimising new growth tools and techniques. He also heads up the Cobloom blog, sharing advice and insights on all-things related to SaaS growth.

In his free time, Ryan can be found lifting weights, writing short stories and automating anything and everything possible (with varying degrees of success).

Emily Smith

Growth Specialist - Content

Emily Smith CobloomEmily is Cobloom’s content authority, combining years of marketing & copywriting expertise with professional proofing experience. She previously worked in publishing, and in 2008 she founded an online magazine which she edited for four years.

Emily is passionate about storytelling, and has a unique ability to combine creativity with a keen eye for detail.

Away from work, she spends her time rock climbing, writing, and cooking. Like Martin, she's also a big sports fan.

Graeme Stoddart

Growth Specialist - Design

Graeme Stoddart CobloomGraeme brings the growth strategies & content crafted by the team to life with compelling visuals, and effective design. 

He believes that great design isn't just about making something look pretty, but driving measurable ROI, and his approach to design reflects this. Graeme is a champion of agile web design, always fighting for continual development, testing and optimisation. A great design is never finished.

Away from work, he's a keen cyclist and photographer.

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