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The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Strategy for SaaS Companies

By Will Steward on Fri, May 29, 2015

saas-marketing-directors-313248-editedAre you responsible for a SaaS solution's marketing performance? 

I've spent the last few months writing a new 71-page eBook with people like you in mind. 

It thoroughly explains how your SaaS company can leverage inbound marketing for rapid, predictable growth, based on our experience promoting SaaS solutions on behalf of clients and my previous experience building one of the first online storage companies, File Den.

File Den was founded in 2006 and stored tens of millions of files for over three million registered users when it was acquired in 2011. I grew the company organically with a combination of inbound marketing and strategic partnerships. 

The book begins by explaining the SaaS product growth journey and how people buy software today, before teaching you:

  • Strategies for attracting the right people to your product's website.
  • Ideas for converting anonymous website visitors into known leads.
  • Techniques which will help you convert more leads into free software trials and/or demos.
  • Thoughts on how to maximise free trial usage.
  • Guidance on increasing customer close rates.
  • Tips for minimising revenue churn throughout the SaaS customer lifecycle.

After reading the book you will have a solid understanding of the inbound marketing methodology, and how it can be used to propel your SaaS company forward. You can download it by filling the form below.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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