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How We help saas businesses

Cobloom specialises in helping subscription service businesses to grow their Recurring Revenue and delight their customers. We do this through our pricing and growth marketing services.

The solutions we've developed are based on experience gained from working with many SaaS businesses, and specifically optimised for those with at least $1m ARR.

We can help you with:

  • Pricing – Develop or optimise your value-based pricing model, to maximise revenue throughout the funnel.
  • Traffic & Awareness - Attract the right visitors and build your brand.
  • Lead Generation – Generate more right-fit leads, trials, demos and conversations.
  • Customer Acquisition – Acquire more Ideal Customers for a lower cost.
  • Customer Success – Retain and expand your existing customers. Reduce churn, maximise Revenue Per Account.


To be successful, your pricing needs to articulate the value of your solution while ensuring it's not a barrier to sign-up.

The rewards for getting it right are huge, as it's usually the most powerful growth lever you fully control. According to a study done by the Harvard Business Review a 1% increase in price, results in a 11.1% increase in operating profit.

This means there is a clear business case for investing in getting your pricing right. By combining pricing insights from your customers with accurate data you can develop a value-based pricing model that will significantly increase revenue.

We provide step-by-step training courses and workshops that will guide you through the process.

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traffic & awareness

Building traffic and brand awareness is hard. Driving the right traffic to your website is even harder. While being featured on Techcrunch might feel like a major success, it's unlikely to reach many (if any) Ideal Customers or generate the long term growth in market awareness you need.

We recommend a traffic & awareness building approach that:

  • Is centred around high quality educational content that helps your Ideal Customers.
  • Drives long-term, growing organic traffic.
  • Ensures your content shows up where your Ideal Customer looks for it.

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lead generation

It's tempting to think that the more leads that you generate, the better. However, in most subscription businesses, you will grow revenue faster by having fewer leads of better quality.

We recommend a lead generation approach that:

  • Puts strategy before tactics.
  • Focuses on the buyers’ wants & needs.
  • Aligns with your Ideal Customer's buyer’s journey.

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customer acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition is more effective if you can have conversations with right fit buyers. If your lead generation is good, then customer acquisition is made easier and conversion rates will be higher.

Help your right fit buyers to understand the value of your solution to their business and help them to qualify themselves out if they are not a right fit. The more you can automate this process the more you can keep your CAC down.

We recommend a customer acquisition approach that:

  • Is fully aligned with your lead generation strategy
  • Respecting of your buyers’ journey
  • Leverages your website as much as possible, to increase sales efficiency

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saas customer successCustomer Success

It is more cost effective to invest in retaining a right fit customer than to acquire a new one.

We can help you to:

  • Benchmark your retention performance against many of the top subscription service businesses in the world
  • Optimise your customer renewal process to increase your MRR retention
  • Leverage the tools you need to measure your retention performance
  • Put processes in place to improve your customer success and increase revenue

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