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How We help saas businesses

Cobloom is a SaaS Growth Partner that specialises in helping subscription service businesses to grow their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

We provide solutions to address your key growth challenges by first understanding what your core strengths & weaknesses are, and where you should be focusing to accelerate growth.

Maybe some of these challenges are familiar to you:

  • Lead Generation – Not getting enough conversations with right fit customers? Leads too expensive to support your growth strategy?
  • Customer Acquisition – Not turning enough of your leads into customers? Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) are too high? Do you feel the pressure to recruit more sales people when you need more customers? Are your sales team closing the wrong type of customer?
  • Customer retention – Losing too many customers each time a payment is processed or a renewal is required? Wondering why so many of your customers churn?
  • Pricing – How do you know your pricing is set high enough to optimise your revenue? Would your customers be willing to pay more?

The solutions we provide are based on experience gained from working with many SaaS businesses, at every stage of growth.


lead generation

It can be tempting to think that the more customers that you sign-up, the better chance you have of meeting your growth targets. In most subscription businesses however, you will grow revenue faster by having less customers that are a right fit, than you would from just signing up as many customers as possible.

We recommend a lead generation approach that is:

  • Specifically tuned for subscription service businesses
  • Puts strategy before tactics
  • Focused on your buyers’ need
  • Aligned with your right fit buyer’s journey

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customer acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition is more effective if you can have conversations with right fit buyers. If your lead generation is good, then customer acquisition is made easier and conversion rates will be higher.

Help your right fit buyers to understand the value of your solution to their business and help them to qualify themselves out if they are not a right fit. The more you can automate this process the more you can keep your CAC down.

We recommend a customer acquisition approach that:

  • Is fully aligned with your lead generation strategy
  • Respecting of your buyers’ journey
  • Leverages your website as much as possible, to increase sales efficiency

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saas customer successCustomer Success

It is more cost effective to invest in retaining a right fit customer than to acquire a new one.

We can help you to:

  • Benchmark your retention performance against many of the top subscription service businesses in the world
  • Optimise your customer renewal process to increase your MRR retention
  • Leverage the tools you need to measure your retention performance
  • Put processes in place to improve your customer success and increase revenue

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Changing your pricing is a major decision for your subscription business. Once you have found traction, the potential risks associated with getting your price change wrong can appear daunting. 

However, the rewards for getting it right are huge. According to a study done by the Harvard Business Review a 1% increase in price, assuming no loss of volume, results in a 11.1% increase in operating profit.

This research shows that there is a clear business case for investing in getting your pricing right. We have found that if you combine pricing insights from your customers with data on how potential buyers perceive value in your product, you can accurately predict the ROI of price changes.

Many leading subscription service businesses have been through this process and have seen remarkable results.

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