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how to grow your saas

Discover Smart Growth, the proven growth framework that puts the customer at the heart of your SaaS, to enable predictable, sustainable revenue acquisition, and help you shape a company your customers love.

put the customer first

saas customer firstThe fastest growing SaaS companies put the customer’s needs first. Instead of leading by promoting  their own product/company, and what they want. They listen to their customers: to understand their needs, goals, behaviour, and challenges.

Effective growth requires a framework for extracting customer insights: a regularly run process which helps you to make product development & growth strategy decisions based on customer insights, to test your team’s assumptions.

Take a Scientific Approach to Growth

grow scientifically

It’s tempting to always be chasing a “silver bullet” for growth. The viral video, press coverage, star sales rep, or guerrilla marketing campaign which will propel you to success.

While these big wins will often happen at points throughout your journey, they’re usually impossible to predict. Top performing SaaS companies take a scientific approach to growth, rather than relying on chance:

  1. Brainstorm new growth strategy ideas regularly, and save in a backlog.
  2. Prioritise your ideas quickly, and effectively.
  3. Develop hypotheses to test new ideas with minimal time and resource.
  4. Scale-up investments into tests which perform, and incorporate learning from failures into the development of future growth strategies.

Align Key Growth Functions

align saas growth functionsIt’s not breaking news that Sales, Marketing and Customer Success often don’t see eye-to-eye. It’s not uncommon to witness:

  • Sales teams blaming marketing for low quality leads.
  • Marketing teams blaming sales for poor follow-up.
  • Customer Success blaming both Sales & Marketing for generating poor-fit customers.
  • Sales & Marketing blaming Customer Success for not retaining or upselling the customers they generate.

Alignment across all your growth functions is essential for success.

Sales, Marketing & Customer Success each need to agree on common terminology, use consistent messaging, promote the same content, work towards the same goals, and share information and insight in a frictionless way. Most important of all, they need to share a common understanding of your company’s Growth Metrics, Ideal Customer Profile & Buyer Personas.

The Smart Growth Framework

smart saas growth frameworkOur team has spent years studying SaaS companies and growth strategies, and is continually helping them to address their growth challenges. Our team includes previous founders, who have experienced the challenges of SaaS growth first hand, and we’ve combined our knowledge to develop The Smart Growth Framework.

There are two sides to the framework:

  • Lean Strategic Planning – the process of regularly reviewing performance against goals, extracting insights from customers, continually updating buyer personas & customer profiles, then developing new growth strategy ideas on the back of customer understanding.
  • Agile Execution – the process of prioritising growth strategies in the backlog, developing new hypotheses, executing small scale tests, analysing performance, scaling up successes, and documenting lessons learned from failures on an ongoing basis.

Initially I was looking for a marketing agency to partner with. Busy running a web development agency already, I wanted to find a team who could help my SaaS product, Scale, to reach Initial Traction.

I spoke to numerous agencies, before stumbling across Cobloom. From the very first conversation I had with them, it was clear they were different. They immediately added value, and had me considering things I hadn't previously thought about, like problems with Scale's pricing.

I always look forward to my weekly call with Cobloom, and as we begin to gain traction, I'm worrying about developing the product, plus hiring and scaling the team, more than growth. It's invaluable to have my growth ideas challenged (or validated), and their team's never short of great ideas.

Nicolas Jacobeus

CEO & Founder, Scale

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