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SaaS Pricing Services & Consulting

We help SaaS companies to address their biggest pricing challenges. Work with us to ensure pricing is your most powerful growth lever, rather than something that's holding you back. To find out more about any of our SaaS pricing services, and whether we're a good fit for you, request a free 30 minute pricing consultation.


Pricing Workshops

From $4,400

Using the Pricing Canvas methodology, we work with your team to develop ideas for your new pricing model. Our workshops are run with up to 6 members of your team, and designed to get key decision makers onto the same page, working from a structured SaaS pricing framework. No more pricing decisions by committee based on "what feels right".

Our workshops are able to be run in-person or remotely by video conference.

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Pricing Model Development

from $9,200

An intensive program designed to develop your new pricing model in 4 days. Using the Pricing Canvas method, we work with your team in a structured way using a mixture of pricing workshops and agile pricing sprints to first develop, then refine your new pricing model.

Your pricing model can be developed in-person, or remotely by video conference.

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Ongoing Pricing Consulting

From $1,000 per month

We work with you to continually advise you on optimising your SaaS pricing model. Our consulting is typically provided 1-on-1 for 2 to 8 hours per month, and is designed to help you address ongoing pricing challenges, respond to new data and maximise pricing performance.

Ongoing consulting is typically provided remotely by video conference.

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Pricing Training Courses for Startups

From $500

Our interactive SaaS pricing training courses are run regularly throughout the year, and designed to get you or other members of your team up to speed with the basics of pricing.

Each course has a maximum of 10 attendees, to facilitate engagement between the trainer and everyone attending. They're designed specifically with Startups in mind.

Due to Covid-19, we are currently only able to run online training courses. These are run in two different timezones, one for Europe/Asia, and the other for the Americas.

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