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Want to Work With Us? This is How We Hire

By Emily Smith on Mon, Aug 8, 2016

When I applied for my job at Cobloom, I had no idea what to expect, either in terms of what the team was looking for in their new colleague, or in terms of what the hiring process would look like. So today I’m going to shed some light on the application process, and what we are looking for in applicants at each stage.

Stage One: Initial Application

In your initial application, we’re interested in three main things: your understanding of the job description; what sets you apart from the other applicants; and how well you understand what we do.

For this reason, we ask for a written application detailing your interest in, and suitability for, the role rather than simply sending us your CV and a covering letter. This lets us see what aspects of the role you’re most excited about and how your skills and experience match up with the job requirements. It also helps us understand how much you know about us as a company and a team – have you you’re your homework and taken the time to find out what we do and what we’re passionate about?

What we’re looking for: that you understand the job, and are excited by the role you’re applying for.

Stage Two: Skills Assessment

This will vary depending on the role you’re applying for, but is a great way to show us what you’re capable of. In my case, I had to complete a writing assessment, as the job I was applying for was a content creation role. This will be something you can complete at home, in your own time.

The skills assessment is the best way we’ve found to evaluate someone’s capacity to actually do the job we’re hiring for. We prefer it over viewing a portfolio of your work because we set tasks that directly mirror the types of work you’ll be doing when working here.

The assessment also lets us understand how much you care about getting this job: was it completed in haste, or did you invest time and effort into doing a great job?

What we’re looking for: that you’ve got the practical skills required to do this job every day.

Stage Three: Interview

If your skills assessment goes well, we will invite you to come in for an interview. You will meet several different members of the team, who may interview you together or separately.

In my case, because I was interviewing for a Content role, I was initially interviewed by Will and Martin, and then the second half of my interview was with Ryan and Will, talking in more detail about the specifics of my role.

What we’re looking for: culture fit (do you share the same values as Cobloom and will you fit in well with the existing team); skills fit (are you able to demonstrate that you’ve got the necessary skills for this role); practical fit (is this job right for your skills, experience and situation).

Stage Four: Offer

Great job! You’ve impressed at all three stages and we decide to make you an offer.

At Cobloom we want to move away from the practice of salary negotiation: we believe this devalues your skills and creates a culture where the company offers you less than you’re worth, in expectation of you negotiating a higher figure. We strive to offer a fair and generous salary, and when we make you a job offer, the salary reflects what we believe your skills and experience are worth, in the current job market.

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