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5 SaaS Lead Generation Ideas Any Marketer Can Try in a Week

By Will Steward on Sat, Jul 2, 2016

Marketers are always short on time. 

Whether it's internal pressure from the CEO asking for an urgent metrics report, or external pressure from a rival SaaS company trying to beat you to market, it can be hard to find time to try new marketing strategies.

There are, however, some smart marketing ideas you can easily get setup and running within a week. Ideas that, when executed well, will help you to generate more of the leads you need ASAP.

In this post I share 5 ideas of my own: have you tried any of them yet?

1) Plan a Webinar

Webinars are a great way to quickly generate new leads. All you need to host a webinar is a tool like GoToWebinar (free for 30 days); an idea for a presentation that your target buyer personas would enjoy; and a few hours to prepare. 

Almost any SaaS company can run webinars which their prospects would find useful, and once you've created your concept it's just a matter of sending an email out to your contact database, and promoting your webinar as best you can throughout your website and other owned media assets. 

2) Create a LinkedIn PPC Campaign

Most SaaS marketers will have at least some experience using LinkedIn to market their organisation. It doesn't matter whether that's through participating in groups, building their own personal networks, or similar. 

If your company has at least one whitepaper or eGuide that is useful to your prospects, you can quickly setup a LinkedIn PPC campaign of your own. Your PPC campaign can be highly targeted: whether that means targeting people at specific companies, or UK men aged 18-35 with web development skills currently at 50-100 employee companies.

3) Setup a New Landing Page

Back to basics: a landing pageis a page that contains a form designed with one single purpose: to convert a visitor into a lead. The more landing pages you have, the more opportunity you have to convert your visitors. 

So take a step back and have a think about the landing pages you've put together. Are there new ones you can create which are targeted towards specific personas, or new problems? Could you create a new offer which would convert a demographic which visits your website that is currently underserved?

Read more: 17 Ways to Optimise Your SaaS Landing Pages

4) Optimise CTA's

A CTA (call-to-action) is any button, image, or text on your website which inspires your visitors to take an action. Every page of your website should contain at least one CTA, because every page of your website should have a purpose: an opportunity to convert. 

Take a look through your website and see if there are any pages that could be improved by adding an additional CTA, or revising an existing one. Could you test new copy in your CTA's to see if they perform better? Add a secondary CTA to some of your pages to convert visitors which aren't yet ready to take up your other offer? 

Take a look at the example below for some inspiration. Unbounce increased their conversion rate by 90% by changing just one word in one of their CTA's. 

5) Improve Your Buyer Personas

Last but not least, isn't it about time you revisited the buyer personas you created a year ago?

Over time, buyer personas become outdated. Your target market is always moving: they're consuming content in new places, facing new challenges and encountering fresh problems. Not to mention, your company is moving too. Is the persona you were most focused on a year ago still the best one to target now? Are there additional personas you need to think about? Your marketing needs to adapt. 

Developing buyer personas isn't a one off "set-it-and-forget-it" exercise. The most effective marketers will be constantly reviewing their buyer personas to ensure that the marketing material they're creating is still on point. It's amazing the impact regularly reviewing your personas can have on the efficacy of your overall marketing strategy.

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